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Society's Soul Discography

"Money is God" (ID Mix), the first single off the upcoming EP "ID" - released on Dec. 6, 2019!

"Soulscream" 24 track debut album - March 25, '14

  1. The Sadness
  2. So many voices cry
  3. Prayer for the faceless (4th single (for charity) - released 1.27.17)
  4. The Downfall
  5. Toxic world
  6. Money is God  (Bonus track) "Flicker of my soul" CD single - released 1.31.14)
  7. Rusted crown
  8. Pennies to the rich  (2nd single - released 8.29.14)
  9. The Goodbye
  10. When angels call
  11. The Caged Soul
  12. Soulscream
  13. Help me home
  14. The Ascent
  15. My right, your right
  16. The reason
  17. If this world crashed down
  18. Funny kind of love song
  19. Find peace in you
  20. You are my muse  (5th single released world-wide 6.2.17)
  21. The Caged Soul Sings
  22. Flicker of my soul   (1st single released world-wide 1.7.14)
  23. Living the good life (3rd single released world-wide 8.14.15)
  24. The Answer Revealed

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