Society's Soul

Every once in a while a band comes around that makes you stop and take notice. A band where the words of the lyrics matter. Where the voice of the front-man is one filled with the emotion of the lyrics. Society's Soul presents a refreshing and different type of voice in today's musical landscape. A voice that strives to dig deeper into the psyche of society and humanity. A voice that is brave and compassionate enough to ask what is going wrong in the world. Taking a stand on the social and environmental issues plaguing the world today, Society's Soul takes on these issues with hard-hitting introspective lyrics that draw the listener in. 

​Society's Soul approaches its songs with musical aggressiveness and lyrical pleas to reform, not conform. Frontman/founder Mario M. takes great pride in his approach and philosophy to making his special brand of music - "Lyrics that make you think, music that rocks your soul". 

Society's Soul debut album "Soulscream" is a 24 track concept opus about losing faith and re-finding it. A single titled "Prayer for the Faceless MMXX" was released in October 2020 for Covid19 charity relief. "Money is God" (ID remix) is the first single off the the 7 song EP "ID". ID is the first of 3 upcoming high concept EPs from SS based on the 7 deadly sins and the 7 Virtues! 

​With the new music, Society's Soul is poised to be a strong voice for the new decade.

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