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Every once in a while a band comes around that makes you stop and take notice. A band where the words of the lyrics matter. Where the voice of the front-man is one filled with the emotion of the lyrics. Society's Soul presents a refreshing and different type of voice in today's musical landscape. A voice that strives to dig deeper into the psyche of society and humanity. A voice that is brave and compassionate enough to ask what is going wrong in the world. Taking a stand on the social and environmental issues plaguing the world today, Society's Soul takes on these issues with hard-hitting introspective lyrics that draw the listener in. Society's Soul approaches its songs with musical aggressiveness and lyrical pleas to reform, not conform. Frontman / Founder Mario M. takes great pride in his approach and philosophy to making his special brand of music - "Lyrics that make you think, music that rocks your soul". 

The debut album for Society’s Soul titled “Soulscream” was released on March 25, 2014. It is an ambitious 24 track concept album with a redemptive story of overcoming adversity and finding faith in a ever scarier and confusing world. The first single off the album titled "Flicker of my soul" was released on January 7, 2014. This introspective song (and it's music video) encapsulates the redemptive personal journey that Society's Soul takes the listener on through the album. It is a deeply personal and empowering song that listeners will be able to relate to their lives in various ways. Follow-up single releases "Pennies to the Rich", "Living the good life", "You are my muse" and the single released to raise money for charity "Prayer for the faceless" are a great introduction to Society's Soul and what its "Society" and "Soul" represents. They are just a sample of the emotional journey the listener undertakes on "Soulscream". 

​With introspective lyrics, emotion filled vocals and music that goes from hard rockers to acoustic ballads to spoken word pieces, you can see this is no ordinary band. This is just what is needed, an extraordinary band that reflects today's extraordinary world. 

Following up on the debut concept album Soulscream, the single "Money is God" (ID remix) was released in December 2019. It was the first single to be released off the upcoming SS EP "ID". ID is the first of 3 upcoming high concept EPs from SS based on the 7 deadly sins and the 7 Virtues! Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the release date of ID was delayed but will be out in December 2020. A Covid19 charity relief single titled "Prayer for the Faceless MMXX" was released in October 2020. With the new music, Society's Soul is poised to be a strong voice for the new decade.

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